Bike Collection

Our Mission: To Enhance Yours.

Dissent socks are designed with a singular purpose: better days in the mountains. The signature locked-on fit, best-in-class construction, thoughtful use of materials, and a relentless focus on the details are the foundation for happy feet. Your time outside is finite and it matters. Dissent socks ensure that you make the most of it, every single ride.

Supercrew Comp - Nano

Engineered for all-day comfort and precision fit, the Supercrew Compression Nano series was designed with backcountry missions in mind.
Big pedal, Hike-a-bike, Enduro racing, Gravel exploration - the longer the day, the better.

Supercrew - Ultra MTN

These new Supercrews follow the Dissent mandate of all-day consistent / locked-on fit, but we tuned them up using our proprietary DLX Merino wool for a slice of easy-going comfort. A brilliant every-day, every-season, every adventure addition to your Dissent set-up. You're going to love them.

Genuflex Comp - GFX Crew

Engineered for the perfect combination of compression and padding, the GFX Crew delivers exceptional fit and feel with a thin-dense layer of protection.
Big days on the bike, Bike Park laps, critical comfort without bulk.

Genuflex Comp - GFX Semenuk

The signature Brandon Semenuk co-lab sock uses a unique design, specific patterns, with optimized padding for ankle-brace use and overall comfort.
The enhanced low-profile GFX padding improve fit and feel of modern riding footwear. A gravity rider's favorite.