Time is a gift. Let's make the most of it.

Dissent makes socks for big days in the mountains. No fancy patterns or pictures, just a relentless focus on the details.

Because your time outside is finite and it matters.

The Story

 “I would be the guy stopping on the skin track about an hour-and-a-half into the day and re-taping my heels and ankles..." Josh Hall, Founder.

The Tech

We always joke about how "you can't talk about socks without sounding like a sock nerd, or a maniac". But the truth is, we've got to.

Why? Because we obsess over the details, and it is worth the time.

The bigger the better.

Big days call for better gear.

Whether you are managing the wild temperature swings of the desert, pushing the limit on the EWS, or crossing creeks and hike-a-bikes in the Chilcotin Range, Dissent socks ensure your feet don't get hammered in the process. Precise, consistent fit, even when wet. Hot-spots and blisters are a thing of the past, we guarantee it.

Right Here.

Set Yourself Up for Success

First chair to last, or mindful shreditation in the backcountry, Dissent socks are the easiest way to forget about your feet.
We obsess over the details, so the time spent in your ski boots is the most comfortable, most efficient, and most fun possible.   

Where The Details Matter

Whether you are destined for Line of the Year accolades, or simply want to make every ski day the best day possible, we have you covered.
Obsessing over the details is what we do. We guarantee it.