Dissent Founder, Josh Hall with good friend Chris Clark "testing socks" in the Coast Mountains, BC. // Photo by Guy Fattal

dis·sent /dəˈsent/

\verb\    -   to take an opposing view; to differ in opinion from the majority.

“At times, I was a terrible ski partner”

“I would be the guy stopping on the skin track about an hour-and-a-half into the day and re-taping my heels and ankles. Genetically blessed with overly sweaty feet and fragile skin I suppose. Whatever the case, no matter what socks I would use, they would ravage my feet into a blistered mess. Wasting my time, and the time of the group. After years and years of doing that (and burning through countless rolls of preventative tape), I tried out some medical grade compression socks and they were by far the best thing I had tried.

How could it be that nobody was doing this already? How could the largest brands in the outdoor space overlook such a critical product?

So, I started going down the rabbit hole to see what was possible. How the compression construction, an improved fit and specific materials could together improve your chances of having the best possible day in your boots.
Someone had to do this, and it might as well start here. So what began as a curious pursuit to remedy my own foot issues, quickly turned into a fire-breathing mission to elevate the category. You’ve come to the right place for better days in the mountains.”

Josh Hall, Founder.

"We couldn't buy the gear we needed, so we made it ourselves."


Back to 2011, after years of suffering through endless blisters, poor fit, bunching, sliding, chafing, freezing, hot-spots, over-heating, and open wounds, an unexpected epiphany occurred.

A rather understated pair of medical grade compression socks serendipitously became ground zero for the development of the first Dissent socks. Even in their most basic form, the sock's fit and construction were obvious, a clear improvement from the multitude traditional socks we were using.

Designed in the backcountry.

Whether we were skiing, riding bikes, running, or hiking, it was mostly noticeable during those bigger days in the backcountry. You could think less about your feet, and focus more on what mattered. We found real gains in comfort and efficiency. Seriously.

So, we got to work. Construction, knitting equipment, yarns, fitment, moisture management, durability. Relationships forged with repressed visionaries of the knitting and textile industry. Business development. Further needs analysis.

Design, construct, test, iterate.Repeat.

“This is why Dissent socks matter. This is why we're here.”

2012, Dissent Labs was born.

Setting yourself up for success.

It was clear we were on the right path: boots and footwear simply felt better. Foot and ankle blisters were relegated to the past, and long days on your feet simply didn't feel like it. The need to loosen and tighten buckles faded run after run. This was it.

It was like getting a free-pass, an unfair advantage, with just an elegantly simple upgrade. Setting yourself up for success with an accumulation of small improvements - in both a physical and mental sense.

We guarantee it.

Dissent socks are thoughtfully designed, relentlessly tested and iterated, and provide unmistakable consistent comfort, no matter how far your day takes you, with every single pair. We guarantee it.

Bigger and better days in the mountains? You've come to the right place.