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Why would anyone care THIS much about socks? Because your time spent outside and in the mountains matters.

Close to home, or deep into the backcountry, the difference is impossible to miss.


Your Feet Are Glad You Are Here

Locked-on fit. All day consistent comfort.

Your time in the mountains is a gift. Make the most of it.

The details matter.

Set yourself up for success.

Further. Faster. Easier.

Bikes have evolved.

The goal-posts have been moved.

Are you ready?

Big days call for better gear.

The bigger the better. Dissent socks ensure that your feet don't get hammered in the process. Precise, consistent fit, even when wet. Temperature regulating. Hot-spot and blisters a thing of the past. Whether you are managing the wild temperature swings of the desert, pounding in the bike park (sorry about your hands), or crossing innumerable creeks and side-hill hike-a-bikes in the Chilcotin Range, Dissent socks were designed and iterated to be the best possible solution for better feeling shoes and feet. Nothing else even comes close.

Richie Rude

Richie Rude lets his riding do the talking. His go-to Supercrew Nano notched the most Enduro World Series stage wins of 2019. 

Brandon Semenuk

We told Brandon we could boost the GFX padding for his needs. This is the result.


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