Intelligence In Design.

Harnessing decades of imputed construction knowledge, IQ Fit is collaborative innovation that elevates comfort to new levels in a high performance merino wool sock.

The challenge: retain the unmistakable Dissent fit and performance, while simultaneously developing an easy to use chassis.

The result: an EZ-ON sock that feels simultaneously supportive and powerful, retains its fit through any condition, but yet feels incredibly comfortable beyond all reason.

Comparative Charts

IQ Fit - Ski Socks

Discover The IQ Fit Collection

High Performance Merino Wool Ski Socks

Dissent IQ Fit Merino

The highest possible Merino Wool content, while still retaining a precise Dissent fit, even when damp or wet.

Tested in every condition imaginable.

Stretch-n-Breathe Expansion Zone

Elegantly designed to achieve three goals at once. Robust zones layed-up against adjacent stretch zones, allowing controlled longitudinal stretch for easy fitment, while providing 3D arch support, AND simultaneously creating added breathing channels to quickly vent THE high moisture area of the foot. Firm and supportive, yet supple and breathable.

Stretch. Breathe. It’s like yoga for your foot.

WTS Seamless Vapor Toe

The most undetectable toe seam available, truly seamless, with adjacent knitting designed to feather the junction even further. What toe seam?

Flex-Shield Armor

A nearly undetectable protection layer integrated to the outer face of the sock, both protecting your investment, and adding additional natural grip to any footbed and liner.

Soft and supple feel, quietly robust durability.

Excess Heat and Ventilation Arch Complex

Works in synergy with the Stretch and Breathe underfoot knitting structure to provide an excess moisture and heat dispersion area. Dissent IQ Fit Merino wicks excess moisture quickly across this zone for the fastest opportunity for dispersion. Across all socks in the IQ Fit range, this zone remains silky smooth for incredible in-boot comfort (even when you are over-buckling your boots!)

Seamless 360

From every angle, the best and most honest 360 degree seamless sock. Turn it inside out, and you’ll see. No patterns, no graphics, just ultra smooth and clean interiors beside your skin.

Unparalleled comfort.

Universal Fit Cuff

Any leg, any calf, every day. Designed specifically to provide a consistent, comfortable, all-day fit. Set it and forget it.