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Why would anyone care THIS much about socks? Because your time spent outside and in the mountains matters.

Close to home, or deep into the backcountry, the difference is impossible to miss.

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DISSENT  \Dis-sent: \verb\ di-‘sent \  to take an opposing view; to differ in opinion from the majority.| Completely dedicated to engineering and delivering solutions for big days in the moun­tains.

We couldn't buy the gear we needed, so we made it ourselves.

It took years of suffering through endless blisters, poor fit, inconsistent fit, low quality, chafing, freezing, over-heating, open wounds, and other inadequacies of the socks and baselayers that we were using.

Most of us recognize the issues with our gear, but with certain pieces of equipment, it's difficult to imagine doing something to fix or improve upon the status-quo.  The existing designs are often accepted as something we have to deal with, and manage as best we know how.  The problem here is that what we do in the mountains continues to have significant importance in our lives, and it often has significant consequences. Sub-par gear is simply not ideal, nor should it be acceptable.

With advances in technology and materials, and with a few dedicated minds obsessing over the details, an unmistakableevolution of our gear is happening.  For DISSENT, with a measured, thoughtful, and un-dogmatic approach, we have engineered, field-tested, and produced the most purposeful socks and next-to-skin pieces possible.  Socks that fit with precision, all day long, no matter the conditions or how far your day takes you.  Socks that will improve the fit and feel of your boots and footwear.  Socks that are your consistent baseline for comfort.


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If you are reading this, you are part of a small and fortunate group of people - a collective who understands exactly how incredible and life affirming our time in the mountains can be. We want to get the most out of it. The DISSENT mandate will always be simple: deliver the absolute best-in-class and most comfortable gear solutions for the pursuits we love. 

These are exciting times to be in the mountains - let's enjoy every minute.



Stan Rey - All Day from DissentLabs on Vimeo.



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