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Dissent founder, Josh Hall (and Chris Clark), just another day of "testing socks", Coast Mountains, BC. // Photo: Guy Fattal ("It was cool seeing you guys randomly show up in the middle of nowhere!")

Critical Comfort, since 2011.

DISSENT\Dis-sent: \verb\ di-‘sent \ take an opposing view; to differ in opinion from the majority. |


We couldn't buy the gear we needed, so we made it ourselves.

After years of suffering through endless blisters, poor fit, bunching, sliding, chafing, freezing, hot-spots, over-heating, and open wounds, in 2011 an unexpected epiphany occurred. A rather understated pair of medical grade compression socks serendipitously became ground zero for the development of the Dissent socks range. Even in their most basic form, the sock's fit and construction were obvious improvements on the multitudes of traditional socks we were using. Skiing, riding bikes, running, or hiking. It was especially the bigger days in the backcountry where it was most noticeable: you could think less about your feet, and focus more attention on what mattered. Gains in comfort and efficiency, for no additional effort. Seriously.

So, down the rabbit hole we went. Construction, knitting equipment, yarns, fitment, moisture management, durability. Relationships forged with repressed visionaries of the knitting and textile industry. Business development. Further needs analysis. Design, construct, test, iterate, repeat.

It was clear that we were on the right path. Boots and footwear simply felt better. Foot and ankle blisters were relegated to the past. A long day on your feet, simply didn't feel like it. The need to loosen and tighten buckles or laces faded.

This was it. It was like getting a free-pass, an unfair advantage, with just an elegantly simple upgrade. Setting yourself up for success with an accumulation of small improvements (in both a physical and mental sense) is what we are always looking for, simply because it makes our time spent outside better, safer, and more fun.

THIS is why Dissent socks matter. THIS is why we're here.

Dissent socks are thoughtfully designed, relentlessly tested and iterated, and provide unmistakable consistent comfort, no matter how far your day takes you. Every. Single. Pair. We guarantee it.

Bigger and better days in the mountains? You've come to the right place.


Sincerely, Josh Hall




Our time in the mountains is finite - let's enjoy every minute.

Stan Rey - All Day from DissentLabs on Vimeo.