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Eric (aka Hoji) is unquestionably one of the most respected names in the game. Nearly two decades of skiing and filming (MSP) high consequence lines on gear that he has personally adapted, improved, or completely fabricated from scratch, there is no athlete-designer with more skin in the game, and more street-cred than Hoji. Preferring to quietly lead by example, it is both and fitting and ironic that Hoji's tireless pursuit of a better experience in the mountains has exploded him into the spotlight this year with the release of the full length "HOJI" from Matchstick Productions. Dissent is proud to support the release of the film, and proud that Hoji has been a part of Dissent since day 1.

Brandon Semenuk

The silent, calculated genius of Brandon Semenuk has been in plain view for many years, but only recently has it become increasingly decoupled from the rigid margins of competition. Known for his uncanny attention to detail, Brandon seems to operate at a slightly higher frequency, and consistently unleashes unimaginable next-level performances to the world of mountain biking. In 2015 Dissent released the GFX Semenuk pro-model sock, as an even more thoughtful solution to what modern mountain biking needed. In this case (and diverging from some of the core tenets of the Dissent build philosopy) a carefully executed patterning helps to improve all-day comfort for riders who need additional padding and volume. Similar to Brandon himself, there really is nothing else even close.