DISSENT - FREESKIER Introspective, January 10, 2017

“Josh [Hall] is really open to feedback which is huge,” McDonald says. “If I have a problem with a product, I tell him and you see a change in that product within three months and that’s not something you see out of the big brands.”

Despite a horde of brand evangelists, the finest materials and a meticulous manufacturing process, Dissent Labs isn’t touting the miracle effects of their medical-grade graduated compression. While the competition claims improved blood flow and quicker recovery time, Hall is reticent to do so.


Dissent Labs athlete Essex Prescott sends a line. Photo by Josh Hall

“I think some of the claims are legitimately true and science will prove it,” Hall says. “But every foot is different and that’s why we don’t hang our hat on the compression story alone. Compression was really just a means to an end to achieve the best fit and make the best product for bootfitters, backcountry skiers and anyone looking for an all-day, consistent ski sock.”

But that’s not stopping others from praising the benefits of Dissent Labs’ compression.

“I used to have so much trouble with socks—I always had cold feet and I would just chew through socks all season long,” Deane says. “But the Dissent compression keeps the circulation going and helps my feet to really stay warm. They’re all I’ll ever wear.”

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