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Why would anyone care THIS much about socks? Because your time spent outside and in the mountains matters.

Close to home, or deep into the backcountry, the difference is impossible to miss.

Boa-Dry Compression Knee Sleeves (pair)


The ultimate base-layer solution for knee-braces - breathable, anti-friction design, effectively providing compression and stabilization.

Optimized combination of dryness and perfect TRUEcompression fit - virtually eliminates friction and rubbing irritation from knee-brace strap systems.

Engineered compression construction for light weight knee joint stabilization.

Graduated compression and stabilization to support key muscles - keeps you riding longer and stronger, with reduced muscle fatigue and soreness.

Fire-Break knitted design surrounding the knee joint - extra protection against sleeve material bunching behind the knee.

Wide Powerband gripper-top with custom silicone for zero slip. Optional fold-over design.

Effective muscle-recovery solution - helps to reduce joint and muscle swelling.

Improves the fit and placement of your knee-braces or kneeguards while skiing or riding.


***NOTE:  Ships as a PAIR of Boa-Dry Compression Sleeves - - DOES NOT INCLUDE HINGED KNEE-BRACE in photo.

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