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Why would anyone care THIS much about socks? Because your time spent outside and in the mountains matters.

Close to home, or deep into the backcountry, the difference is impossible to miss.

Dissent Family

Whitefire - Ryland Bell - Dissent


Not your average team of testers and ambassadors. These are the hardest working gear-savvy athletes in the game, and they choose Dissent.

Eric Hjorleifson
Brandon Semenuk
Joe Lax
Stan Rey
Richie Rude
Joel Loverin
James Heim
Graham Agassiz
Ryland Bell
Kye Petersen
Bas van Steenbergen
Jessie Millen
KC Deane Tom van Steenbergen

Logan Pehota
Mike Hopkins

Forrest Coots
Miranda Miller

Alexi Godbout
Dylan Sherrard

Chris Rubens
Reece Wallace

Callum Pettit
Dustin Gilding

Ian Morrison
KC Deane

Chad Sayers
Remy Metailler

Rory Bushfield Eric Lawrenuk

Fabian Lentsch
Mark Matthews

Essex Prescott
Stephen Matthews

James McSkimming
Kirk McDowall

Sophie Lechasseur
Ian Morrison

Laurent Gauthier
Eliott Lapotre

Davey Barr
Alex Volokhov

Julia Murray
Brendan Howey

Dave Duncan Quinn Hanley

Andy Traslin Anthony Evans

Mike Traslin
Noah Brousseau

Spencer Romanchuk
Spencer Graf

Joe Lax
Harrison Mendel

Joel Loverin
Yoann Barelli

TJ Schiller
Nick Tingren

Justin Dorey Spencer Rathcamp

Stian Hagan
Evan Guthrie

Kelsey Serwa
Josh Carlson

Matt Francisty
Kenny Smith

Mathieu Gagnon Theriault Corbin Selfe

Mike Hopkins
Casey Brown
Maxim Arsenault

Katrina Strand







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