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Why would anyone care THIS much about socks? Because your time spent outside and in the mountains matters.

Close to home, or deep into the backcountry, the difference is impossible to miss.

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Dissent Labs is the thought-leader in next-to-skin, sock, compression, and gear-solution technology for the action-outdoor athlete. For ourselves, for our customers, and for our team riders, these sports demand respect and full commitment. Equipment needs to work.

Born out of necessity, Dissent Labs engineers gear-solutions by partnering with technology leaders and visionaries, using best-in-class, movement-specific materials and techniques. Beyond the science and data, every Dissent Labs product is a reflection of the time we spend collaborating with the world's best athletes, in the toughest and most intimidating conditions imaginable. Engineering is always the priority.

Dissent Labs offers purpose-built gear for our customers and team riders, so they can always be assured they have the best tools possible for their chosen path.

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